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Dog Greets Restaurant Customers, Helps Owner Clean Up

Even her puppies know how to greet their guests!

Nobelle Borines





Good help is hard to come by these days. However, one lucky restaurant owner didn’t have to look far to find the perfect assistant. His pet dog has been helping him serve customers for the past seven years.

Haneul is clearly the perfect little hostess. She bows to each customer as soon as they enter the restaurant. Her puppies have also been following her, greeting the guests respectfully. However, this isn’t the only awesome thing that Haneul is capable of.

The awesome dog is always around to help her owner in the restaurant.

The adorable pooch also helps in bringing the menu to the guests. She even carries a basket of wet towels so the customers can clean up before their meal.

Interestingly, the owner gives the tips to Haneul. She then drops the money into a trash can that is revealed to be her personal tip jar and piggy bank.

Haneul is always watching the guests and waiting for any orders. When one customer asks for the music to be turned up, she immediately rushes to grab the remote and hands it to the owner. Needless to say, the customers are impressed with the smart dog.

The guests couldn’t help but gush over Haneul’s intelligence.

The pooch also helps in stocking up the supplies around the restaurant. When one customer discovers that the coffee machine is out of cups, she quickly brings a fresh set of cups.

Haneul also helps in cleaning up after closing time. She collects rubbish and efficiently throws them away in the garbage can. The dog also grabs utensils that have fallen under the table and surprisingly hands them to her owner. When asked, the owner explains that Haneul knows that the utensils are used in the restaurant.

It’s a long day but Haneul is clearly happy with her work. The owner is also glad that his dog is always around to help him around the restaurant.

Watch Haneul help her owner around the restaurant:

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Two Dogs Work Together To Recover Tire From Pool

Talk about awesome teamwork!

Nobelle Borines



What would you do if your favorite toy has suddenly gotten out of reach? Two dogs decided to work together to retrieve a tire that has been submerged in a pool. Their amazing teamwork proves that you can achieve anything with the help of a friend.

The video opens with the awesome duo rushing to look for their favorite plaything. However, they soon discover that the tire is actually at the bottom of the pool. The determined dogs were unfazed by the dilemma. They immediately took turns trying to figure out how to reach the toy.

"Oh no, how are we gonna get it out of there?"

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