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This Restaurant Will Give You a $10K Gift Card if You Name Your Baby After Their Food





BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has just kicked off a unique contest. If you name your baby after one of their food offerings, you get to take home a gift card worth $10,000.

The casual dining restaurant has recently introduced the Chicken and Salmon Quinoa bowls to their customers. This is being marketed as a nutritional superfood that’s friendly for the heart.

Not expecting a baby anytime soon? You can still join the said contest. Adopted babies can enter the contest as well. This is if you have already completed the adoption process and have fulfilled all the legal requirements.

The winner who names their baby “Quinoa” will be able to bag the prize.


Photo credit: GimmeSomeOven

Actually, even those who don’t have babies are invited to participate.

All you have to do is change your Twitter name to Quinoa and you will be able to claim a $10 coupon discount for $35 worth of food purchase from their store.

As the official rules of the contest tell us, the contest is open for everyone. There is “no purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning.”

The “Be The First to Name Your Baby Quinoa” contest will run from June 22, 2015 to September 7, 2015. Contestants are required to send the restaurant a copy of the baby’s birth certificate via electronic mail or snail mail.

The restaurant reminds that no alternative spellings are allowed.

baby-quinoa-contest 2

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The restaurant, however, reminds that alternative spellings of the name will not be eligible for the contest. Also, “assigning the name as a middle name or nickname… will not qualify.”

Personally, I am wondering if anyone out there will really join the contest. Sure, the prize is worth $10K but its just a bunch of appetizers, right? It doesn’t help that Quinoa isn’t really a very attractive for a baby name either. Also, wouldn’t your child feel betrayed if he/she discovers his/her name’s origin?

Let’s keep our eyes peeled for this contest and see what happens next.

How about you? Would you name your baby Quinoa in exchange of a gift card? Tell us in the comment box!

H/T: Distractify and BJ’s Restaurant

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