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Responsible Carjackers Made Sure 8-Year-Old Boy Got To School On Time





A mother in Norfolk, Virginia had the shock of her life when two men drove her car off – with her 8-year-old son still in the vehicle.

She quickly reported the incident to the police but surprisingly, they found both the car and her son 10 minutes later at the boy’s school. No damages were done to the vehicle and the boy was completely unharmed.

By her own admission, the mother said that she often leaves her son in the car. She does it so she can start working on her post office job while the boy enjoys some music. Shortly thereafter, she takes him to school.

This mother from Norfolk, Virginia works at the local post office and habitually leaves her son on the vehicle.

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Photo credit: WAVY 10

However, things didn’t exactly go as planned one day when she went out of the office after 30 minutes of working when she discovered her car and son were gone.

Shortly after her car and son went missing, the police found both at the boy’s school.

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Photo credit: WAVY 10

In an interview with WAVY 10, Daniel Hudson of the Norfolk Police Department said:

“We found the child at school, unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face.”

In their investigation, they found out that the two car thieves got into the vehicle and drove it off until they noticed the child on the backseat. Not intending to abduct him, they put him at ease and simply said they were taking him to school. The boy felt a bit scared but said they did not hurt him in any way.

Investigations are underway to determine whether the mother’s actions were likewise a bad thing.

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Photo credit: WAVY 10

Of course, the investigators are looking into the matter deeply and are assessing if there was any danger posed to the child as the mother left him there with the keys in the vehicle and the engine running.

In the meanwhile, netizens have taken pleasure bashing the mother for her actions with one commenter saying:

“The damn carjackers showed more damn responsibility than her (minus the blatant disregard for the law, of course).”


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