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Daughter Of A Refugee Meets The Army Officer Who Saved Her Life In The Iraq Border 18 Years Ago!





It’s hard to live at the time of war, especially if one lives in the center of the killings and devastation. Eighteen years ago, a woman named Awaz Bawari and her family was included in the kill list of Saddam Hussein because they were Kurdish. Their family was awaiting genocide, so when she found out that she was granted asylum by the US, she headed for the border and brought her 36-year-old daughter, Lava so they could cross countries and start life anew.

When they got to the border, she was devastated to find that her newborn child was not included in the list. She was given the choice to stay in Iraq or go to the US but leave Lava behind. Of course, she couldn’t leave her daughter. A young US army officer named Greg Peppin was just an earshot away from the incident. He suddenly entered the scene and declared that the baby’s name was Greg, just like him, meaning they were related. That white lie allowed the mother and daughter tandem to depart safely from Iraq to the US.

Lava was told about the entire story as she was growing up. On her high school graduation, she decided to invite the man who saved her life and give gratitude to him. The reunion was so inspiring!

Watch the video:

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Credits: ABC News via The San Francisco Globe

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