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Family Gets Bashed After Posting Unrealistic Requirements for Babysitter

Basically, they’re saying “come be our child’s nanny – and pay us!”


While it’s true that finding a good babysitter can be pretty challenging, it also goes without saying that in certain cases, the main problem is that some parents have extremely unbelievable expectations for the job – to the point that they’re treating nannies in the worst possible ways.

One Reddit user exposed this online by sharing a babysitter ad as posted online by a family. And holy crap, their requirements are absolutely shocking!

“Come be our child’s nanny – and pay us!”

As we read in the subreddit thread, the family is clearly setting some very unreasonable expectations for a babysitter.

For starters, the ad tells us they’re looking for “a student who loves children” who’s willing to take care of their 6-year-old kid. The catch, however, is that the person will have to pay them $60 per week as rent for staying at their house.

Sounds ridiculous, you say? Well, we’re just getting started.

Here are other additional requirements and we couldn’t help but pity anyone stupid enough to grab this “opportunity.”
As if those qualifications weren’t already too much, the nanny also has to “buy and cook” his or her own food.
No rock music, too!
Plus visitors are NOT allowed – not even your significant other.
There would be surveillance cameras, too!

To put it simply, the poor soul who will qualify for this job (if you can call it that) – is basically selling his or her freedom – but the plot twist is that he or she has to pay the employer, as well!

That’s such a terrible situation to put yourself in, right? Well many netizens on Reddit quickly bashed the family for their ad – and the comments kept pouring in.

And as one Redditor effectively summed it up:

“(Requiring) $60 per week is a funny way of saying: Pay us $240 a month to raise our child.”


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