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10 Reasons Men Are Usually Intimidated By Strong Women





Women of today are more expressive; they want their voices to be heard as they are not afraid to speak their mind. Women are also getting more independent and stronger. They have sacrificed a lot and they have gone through challenges and extended their patience much longer. They won’t even hesitate to show their vulnerability.

So how does a woman keep a man around for long? Most men would find it challenging to handle such a woman and here are 10 reasons why.

#1. A strong woman doesn’t need someone to fight her battles.

A man usually likes it if they feel that they are wanted. But although a strong woman will no doubt be able to show her love to her man, she would still be independent and she can manage things on her own. The strong lady will fight for the relationship. If they have problems, they face it head on. She wouldn’t wait around for her man to come up with a solution. If you find this woman and want to stay with her, you need to be willing to be beside her and not aiming to always be ahead of her.

#2. Strong women know what they want.

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A strong woman knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. If she wants to have a certain man, she’ll act upon it and not wait around for him to make the move. Only a man with confidence can handle this type of woman.

#3. A strong woman is honest and vulnerable.

Strong women confront challenging experiences, hurt and trauma. For that, they would need someone who can be equally honest and vulnerable. This type of woman needs someone who can be available to go through an uncertain journey and be prepared for the madness that’s to come. A strong woman would be better off with an equally strong man who will stand his ground in the face of diversity.

#4. A strong woman welcomes intimacy.

A strong woman will not hold back and she can be intimate – whether during conversations or lovemaking. A strong woman is comfortable with being feminine. For that, she would want to feel the passion and being desired.

#5. A strong woman can sense lies.


Because a strong woman is honest, they also believe that trust is important in a relationship. She is good at sensing lies so it’s no use to sugarcoat whatever white lies you have. If you want to be in a relationship with this type of woman, you will be ready to give it all and not hold back with the truth. Otherwise, it won’t be a loss for her if you disappear from her life.

#6. A strong woman is someone who cannot deal with indecisive and inconsistent people.

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This type of women needs a man who will stay true to his word. She wants to know that they are receiving unconditional love and if she senses her man is just playing, she won’t have second thoughts about letting go. More importantly, if they feel that they are being disrespected, they won’t hesitate to fix that issue. The worst thing a man can probably do is to make a strong woman feel weak.

#7. A strong woman has met many challenges in her life and emerged stronger than ever because of them.

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A woman who knows her inner strength can face whatever challenge life has to offer. A man finds a strong woman intimidating because she has all the thoughts and emotions of this type of personality. She is willing to open up and she expects her partner to do the same.

#8. A strong woman doesn’t like waiting.

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If she knows you are committed, she will go the lengths just to make you feel happy and loved. In contrast, if she feels you are pulling away, she won’t think it’s a waste to let you go. She doesn’t like having to wait for the man to decide whether she is right for him or not. It’s either you’re in or you’re out. Of course, she will get hurt, but she will pick up the pieces and she will become much better.

#9. A strong woman can love you unconditionally.

A strong woman is faithful and is committed to her partner. She reciprocates – even with much more; if she feels your love, she will do anything just to make sure you also feel her love. She will be there to help you, support you and fight for you. Some men cannot handle the intensity of this personality. At times, men even run away when they see this side of the strong woman.

#10. A strong woman will bring out your true self.

Just as a woman knows her worth, she would also show you your worth. She can make you realize that you are powerful and amazing. Some men cannot handle these women because they are not sure how to deal with strength, honesty, intelligence and independence.

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