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Daddy Duties Taken to the Next Level! Behold, the #SMELFIE!





Parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. It can get a little messy at times, so posting the experience on social media may be a way to share your woes with other parents.

Adam Hills, a comedian and dad, posted a photo of himself while changing his daughter’s soiled diaper last Friday using the hashtag #smelfie.

Hill’s funny post started a ‘nappy change revolution’ that night.



Photo credit: Adam Hill

Several devoted dads were able to relate to Hill’s message, “Real men change nappies” and commiserated with his stinky challenge. These dads jumped on board, as they posted their own funny #smelfies and shared helpful tips and (dirty) details of  changing diapers.

Like any other trends, the #smelfie trend earned negative feedback from social media critics, as they feel that these dads should stop complaining about their duties. Hill affirms that posting moments of his daddy duties is a way of celebrating fatherhood, and encouraging others to do the same by sharing their stinky situation on Twitter using the hashtag #smelfie.




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