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Dead Rat Pulled Out of Young Boy’s Belly Button During Exorcism!





This is, by far, is the grossest video I’ve ever seen. If you’re used to watching horror flicks that involve exorcisms, you’re probably used to brownish-green, projectile vomit; bloody walls; urine splattered on the floor; and all those other nasty things. But I guess, the cinematography in those films make it somehow bearable.

This video, however, is void of that visual stuff. It’s simple.

In this clip, which was believed to be an exorcism, you’ll see a young boy lying down with his shirt on his chest, leaving his abdominal area exposed. A man pokes his fingers in his navel (ouch!) as he tries to grab something inside the boy’s stomach. Another set of hands is seen on the video—a woman’s hand holding a small glass of holy water, perhaps? And she pours water over the young boy’s belly button from time to time.

In the background, you’ll hear a loud voice from someone praying in Portuguese, but the person is using a Brazilian accent. This made people speculate that the video came from South America.

Moments later, a small amount of blood gushes out from the boy’s belly button as the man started pulling something out from it—a tail! Then, disgustingly, he completely draws a dead baby rat’s body out from the kid’s navel!

Yes, it is gross and many people claim that the video is fake.

But, it’s best if you watch the video yourself and tell us what you think about it.

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H/T: Metro

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