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Rapper 50 Cent Goes Out Telling Teens He’s Dating Their Moms





Whenever we date someone, we always make sure that he/she is worthy of our time. We even make sure that the guy or girl passes a certain standard that only we know about. To put it simply, we must be interested enough in him/her in order to go on a date in the first place.

But what if it is your mom who is on the subject? What if she is dating someone and you actually know this guy? As a matter of fact, this guy is not your typical boy next door. He is the dude who popularized the song ‘Candy Shop’. Well, it is none other than rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent.

This guy is taking your mom to the ‘Candy Shop’.

Source: BETNetworks

A video is circulating online with 50 Cent going around the neighborhood dating mothers. And it is quite hilarious and surprising at the same time, most especially if you are in the shoe of the son or daughter. So far, though, the gag worked out.

One of the moms explain to his kid about dating a guy she met back in the day.

Source: BETNetworks
Of course, most of the kids are in shock.

Source: BETNetworks

The process starts with the moms isolating their kids in the living room. They sit down with them as she tries to make a confession. Basically, they want to inform the children that they are dating someone and that it might be kind of awkward. The reactions are really priceless, with some already suspicious of what is about to happen.

“I always wanted a white son.”

Source: BETNetworks

Each of them has their own story tell, explaining how they met this guy (who is 50 Cent actually). Some suggest about meeting him in high school, while others simply say he is a close friend. It is really epic, especially when you see the kids’ faces. Imagine your mom dating a famous dude like 50 Cent? That’s crazy, right?

Why not go ahead and check out the full video to see for yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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