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Jealous Woman Slices Fiance’s Scrotum Using Her Diamond Engagement Ring

“I really did not expect her to be so vicious,” said the cheating guy.


We all know infidelity is bad but how far are you willing to go to punish a partner who cheated on you? One angry woman brutally attacked her fiance after discovering his dirty act.

According to reports, Rachael Biscoe got so furious she decided to slice open Trevor Camp’s scrotum using her diamond engagement ring. She caught him semi-naked in bed and talking to his lover over the phone.

Rachael, who is 44 years old, accused her partner of cheating with another woman.

They got into a heated fight when she found him on the bed. The two grappled over the phone until they made it to the kitchen.

Trevor, who was naked from the waist down, eventually “felt a pain in his groin area and noticed he was bleeding heavily,” the Daily Mail wrote.

The other woman, who stayed on the phone throughout the fight, immediately alerted the authorities. He screamed over the phone:

“She’s got a knife and she sliced me.”

However, the police did not find any weapon in their Dorchester, Dorset home. Camp eventually admitted he was intoxicated and wasn’t sure what she used to attack him. Despite the intense pain, he managed to call an ambulance and he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Rachael went outside to walk their dog.

Trevor Camp and his alleged Chinese lover.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera said that the pair had been in a relationship for 6 years but things got messy after Rachael discovered he was having an affair.

In Trevor’s own confession:

“She found it hard to trust me and was suspicious of my movements.

“Although we’ve had a volatile relationship, I really did not expect her to be so vicious.”

Aside from cheating, Trevor also struggles with alcoholism and is a cross-dresser, things that Rachael ignored because she loved him.

Eventually, Valera confirmed that the victim’s injuries were caused by Rachael’s diamond engagement ring. After pleading guilty to the charges, Rachael, who was crying throughout the proceedings, was given a 4-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months.


Watch As New Range Rover Sport Climbs Deadly 999 Steps to China’s Heaven’s Gate

Seriously, I was holding my breath while watching the video!

A world record has been set, following the historical climb of an electric Range Rover Sport to the Heaven’s Gate summit. The vehicle has become the very first off-roader to ascend the death-defying stairway of 999 steps at an angle of 45-degrees.

The stunt features the new Range Rover Sport P400e, which was driven by Jaguar Formula E racer Ho-Pin Tung. Deemed to be the “hardest Range Rover Sport challenge” ever filmed, all Land Rover engineers were keen to prove the power and capability of the plug-in version. They want to show the world that the new make is just as equally adept off-road as the conventional diesel and petrol-powered siblings.

The death-defying challenge features the infamous Tianmen Mountain Road.

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Woman Climbs Into X-Ray Machine After Refusing To Leave Her Handbag To Security Checks

She doesn’t want to be separated from her belongings.

A woman caused a commotion at a train station in China after she got into the x-ray machine during routine security checks. According to a local report, the woman was worried about leaving her handbag and other stuff through the conveyor belt.

When she was asked to surrender her handbag for inspection, she refused to part with it and instead climbed into the machine. Naturally, the security staff was shocked to see a figure of a person on the monitor.

This woman refuses to be separated from her belongings at a train station security check.

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Mother In Hot Water After She Abandons Pleading 5-Year-Old Daughter On Street

Poor little girl! She seemed very frightened.

A mother in Brazil faces child abuse charges when she was filmed abandoning her five-year-old daughter on the street. A witness has filmed the scenario as the little girl pleads her mother not to leave her alone.

The child was crying and pleading for her mother to let her in the car. However, the mother ignored the cries of her daughter and drove off.

During the commotion, the mother was seen replying to the pleas of the young girl but it's unclear what she was saying.

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