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Puppy Picks Out Her Own Kitten to Take Home from a Shelter





Sometimes you find your best friend in the unlikeliest of places. In the case of Raven, a Tamaran Husky puppy, she found her best friend in the unlikeliest of species – a feisty feline named Woodhouse.

While most people think cats and dogs don’t get along, Raven and Woodhouse prove that cats and dogs can indeed be the best of friends!

Raven arrived at the home of Christina last July. And while living with a dog that can grow up to be huge is already quite a handful, it has always been her lifelong goal to raise a puppy and a kitten together.

But before Christina can pick up a kitten from the shelter, she wanted to make sure that Raven would get along with the new addition to their family. Thus, Christina took Raven along with her to the shelter to let her choose her future best friend.

“I wanted them to get along well. So I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.” Christina (surname withheld) tells The Dodo.

At the shelter, four kittens were brought before Raven. Some of the kittens could care less about Raven being there, but there was one kitten who seemed excited to have a puppy nuzzling her. That kitten was Woodhouse. It was then that the two became inseparable.

As puppy and kitten, Raven and Woodhouse would cuddle all the time. And while this has lessened over time, they’re still very affectionate towards each other. They’d often play around the house, and surprisingly enough, it’s Woodhouse who chases Raven around!

Raven and Woodhouse would celebrate birthdays together.

They play on the tablet together.

The two travel together.

At the end of the day, when the two are exhausted, they sleep side by side.

Raven and Woodhouse have an Instagram account where you can follow their adorable adventures.

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