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Friends Glued Pubic Hair on this Poor Guy’s Face For His Bachelor Party





Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, or so the popular saying goes. We used to believe that this only applies to the differences in the tastes of the two genders, but after coming across this story, we think there is a deeper meaning to this cliche.

A bachelor’s party is the last (hopefully) event when a man can become completely trashed for one night before tying the knot. As marriage entails getting extremely serious about life and goals, getting all crazy and wacky before the day of the marriage would not hurt. For Americans, the objective of bachelor parties is to have the groom get his last chance on adultery or flirting. But in England, their views on a legit bachelor’s party is quite different and uhm, bizarre. Take this bachelor’s party we saw as an example:

The guys glued pubic hair all over the groom’s face!


Photo credit: Elite Daily
We are not quite sure where they got this idea of “fun”, but it sure was quite unique. What do you think?


Photo credit: Elite Daily
We guess it was all for friendship’s sake.


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Because really, who would ever agree to this thing if not for love or friendship?


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Pubic hair inserted in the groom’s ear. How extreme was that?


Photo credit: Elite Daily
We wonder what the groom thinks after his totally unique bachelor’s party!


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Do you think he is looking at making a career as “Pubewolf”?


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Whatever these friends had in mind during the party, we are sure they had fun for reasons only they could ever understand!


Photo credit: Elite Daily

Now, did you see our point of having a totally different view on “Man are Mars and women are from Venues”? We think only men can understand how these things could be funny. But at the end of the day, we admire these group of friends for a having a good laugh, and the groom for readily giving in to his last chance of being a crazy bachelor.

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