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Professional Skater Goes To Skate Park Disguised as 80-Year-Old Man





Sure we’ve seen a lot of old people who have rocked sports through races, cycling and marathons despite their old age, but we’ve never seen one rock a skateboard ramp. It seems like old people and the skateboard isn’t a good pair.

So, wouldn’t it be cool to see one do some skateboard stunts for a change?

Danny Leon, a 20-year-old skateboard star, posed as an elderly and amazed onlookers with his stunts.
With all the prosthetic and make up to add 60 years on his face, and some of his “old friends”, onlookers were convinced it was really an elderly who rocked his way on the skateboard ramp.

Watch as strangers drop their jaw as the “old Danny” struts his way in Madrid Skate Park. The execution was so perfect and the prank is so smooth you wouldn’t know it wasn’t real.

Watch the video below:

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