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Old Couple Forced To Ride Crowded Bus Standing Up While Other Passengers Ignored Them

They had to hug each other to keep from falling over!

  • An elderly couple were forced to travel standing up inside a crowded bus for a long time.
  • The pair had to hug each other to keep their balance as the bus drove for several miles.
  • Unfortunately, the old couple was mostly ignored by their fellow passengers.

Elderly people are usually given seating priorities in most establishments. Unfortunately, an old couple were not provided with this courtesy on a crowded bus. The unfortunate couple were forced to ride the bus standing up with barely anything to hold on to. To make matters worse, their fellow passengers chose to ignore them as they struggled through the lengthy bus trip.

The incident happened in a Ceres bus bound for Dumaguete City in the Philippines. The images were shared by Jovit Je Lim, whose pregnant wife was also on board the bus. According to Lim, his wife took the pictures and sent them to him because she was so upset that no one tried to offer the elderly couple their seat.

The old man held on to his companion to keep her from falling over.

According to the post, the old couple struggled to stay on their feet as the bus was moving. They reportedly resorted to hugging each other to prevent themselves from falling over.

It is unclear how long the elderly pair had to travel standing up on the bus. However, Lim’s wife claimed that they were eventually seated when they arrived in the municipality of Manjuyod, which is over an hour away from Dumaguete.

Not surprisingly, people were enraged by how the old couple were treated on the bus. Some lashed out at the passengers who were shown sleeping and ignoring the old man and woman throughout the trip.

Senior citizens are given certain privileges in the Philippines. They are supposed to be provided with discounts on public land transportation fares. Additionally, there are special seats set aside for the elderly, pregnant, and people with disabilities in buses.


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Why would anyone do this?!

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