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She Wanted To Have Privacy In Her Yard. So She Did This To Transform It! AWESOME!





In today’s world where social media rules societies and homes, it is nearly impossible for one to have a legit place that he/ she can call ‘private’. With Facebook and Twitter having location services, and people living by what seems like an unwritten rule of posting every single thing they do on social media, it is surely hard to keep up. But for this homeowner, it is not about keeping up- it is about finding a way to have our own private sanctuary.

The Imgur user also felt the same about her yard. Although it has a fence, neighbors can still creep in and see what’s going on inside her yard. So she made a way to creatively transform her yard into her own little haven of privacy. Here’s what she did:

This was how her yard looked before the transformation. Although there was a fence, nosy neighbors could still see through.


Photo credit: Little Things
So, she immediately built posts that measured 16 feet.


Photo credit: Little Things
She then secured the posts with cement and ensured that it has a nice height.


Photo credit: Little Things
Next, she placed heavy beams on top. Genius!


Photo credit: Little Things
She then framed a wall around.


Photo credit: Little Things
Deck walls were also put up to prevent the neighbors from spying.


Photo credit: Little Things
Oh, look! She even created windows! She made it with wood grooves.


Photo credit: Little Things
Additional frames were added next.


Photo credit: Little Things
Frosted glass was then added for the windows. Privacy is still the main game here.


Photo credit: Little Things
The house owner was not all about building something she could hide in. She wanted it in style and the trellis on the top was a perfect flair addition!


Photo credit: Little Things
For a final touch, she added four 36-foot light strings.


Photo credit: Little Things
Finished product! It is surely one creative and nice project that can provide her with a lot of privacy.


Photo credit: Little Things

What do you think of her project? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post with your family and friends, too!

H/T: Little Things

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