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Parents Bash Principal For Banning Students From Giving Christmas Cards

He defends it’s for the environment but parents are now saying he’s like “The Grinch.”

  • Jonathon Mason, principal of Belton Lane Primary School, is getting slammed by parents after he announced a ban on Christmas cards.
  • According to him, the ban is being implemented as a way of saving the environment.
  • While most parents are disagreeing with his reasons, there are also some who have taken his side.

A principal in Lincolnshire, England has sparked outrage among parents after implementing a ban on Christmas cards. His reasons? Well according to him, the cards are bad for the environment.

The controversial decision has since been met by negative feedback from parents, with some of them even labeling the principal as “The Grinch,” the fictional character created by Dr. Seuss for his book “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

No Christmas cards for the children this year!

As the reports tell us, Principal Jonathon Mason of Belton Lane Primary School has been bashed non-stop for prohibiting students from exchanging Christmas cards.

In a letter addressed to parents, Mason explained he was “approached” by several children, expressing their worries about the negative environmental impact of sending out too many Christmas cards.

The letter went on:

“Throughout the world, we send enough Christmas cards that if we placed them alongside each other, they’d cover the world’s circumference 500 times.”

He even pointed out that “the manufacture of Christmas cards” also increases “our ever-growing carbon emissions.”

Mason said the the new policy will be implemented this year onwards. Each student, he clarified, will be allowed to send just one card for the entire class, which the teacher will then display.

Environmentally-concerned or Grinch-like?

As mentioned earlier, parents did not receive the message well. In fact, many of them called out Mason for being a “hypocrite,” especially because the announcement was printed on paper and then sent out to almost 300 parents. Others likewise called for a “boycott,” asking parents to keep the Christmas tradition alive,with some adding they’re using cards made from recycled paper anyway.

Meanwhile, there were also some parents who think that ban is actually a good idea such as Katrina Oswin who’s daughter suffers from spelling difficulty. Writing out over 30 cards can be really stressful for her child, said the mother.


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