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Boss Does Not Want His Pregnant Employee to Work Double Jobs. So He Surprised Her With THIS!

How does a promotion and a cheque worth six months of pay sound as a maternity bonus?


It is very rare for people to find someone who could ease their problems and provide an instant jolt of hope in the midst of crises. But sadly, with each person facing their own difficult challenges, life is but battlefield that should be survived on our own. This is why we were so delighted to see that someone stepped up to help a pregnant woman in need.

Tami is a pregnant woman working as a store manager and a bartender so she could sustain her baby. She was surprised by Marcus Lemonis during a shoot for the show, The Profit. In the video, Marcus gave Tami a cheque equating to six months worth of her pay so she would not need to work two jobs anymore. Furthermore, Marcus appointed Tami for a higher job position when she comes back after her maternity leave. Talk about an amazing blessing! When she heard the news, she could not help but break down. It was such a heartwarming moment that could make anyone believe that good people still exist.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: CNBC Prime via The San Francisco Globe


An Adorable 7-Year Old Kid Explains How Two Moms Can Have Babies.

This kid explains in the most delightful, informative way how her two moms can have babies.

There are parents who are uncomfortable speaking to their children about sex and how babies are made. It can be quite complicated and confusing for the child, especially when parents use ambiguous terms and analogies that children don't quite understand. Considering that most families have a mom and a dad who can explain these details in a natural and scientific way, it can still be awkward sometimes.

Now, what then of children born with gay or lesbian parents? 7-year old Sophia, the daughter of "The Next Family" modern lifestyle website's founder Brandy Black, was asked by her mom whether she had been asked by anyone how she came to existence since she has two moms. Black also asked why she thinks people are asking, but apparently, her daughter didn't know why either.

Black decided to explain the subject matter in the most simple and factual way possible, and their conversation had inspired Black to create a video that would educate other kids on how two mothers can have babies. Black let Sophia explain the facts as how she understood them. Her mom was totally surprised and impressed with her!

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Newborn Who Only Lived for 100 Minutes Becomes the World’s Youngest Organ Donor.

He only lived for 100 minutes, but his name will be forever remembered as the youngest organ donor in history.

Death is an inevitable thing that we are all destined to face. It does not come as expected and there are no preset date when the time will come. Although it is more often associated with old age, death can come even to the youngest ones. But leaving a mark or a legacy of the departed is something loved ones will surely treasure forever.

Meet Teddy Houlston, the youngest organ donor in the world whose parents gave his kidneys and heart valves to those in need. Teddy died 100 minutes or less than 2 hours after her mother gave birth to him and his twin, Noah.

He had a condition called anencephaly, in which a baby is born without some parts of the brain or skull. Doctors already advised the parents to terminate Teddy's life before delivery, but they insisted to shed a light to Teddy, even for a limited time.

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He’s Been Stuck on a Wheelchair. Little Did He Know that He was About to do the Impossible!

Each and every one of us has a dream to do something extraordinary.

A trip to Paris, a very own Louis Vuitton, a big fat bank account and a top placer at the Forbes’ Richest Human world-wide. These are all just possible “wants” that usually dominate the New Year’s resolution. However, for nine-year-old Jason Smith, Jr., a touchdown is more than just enough to fulfill a life-time dream.

Coming from a family of football legacy, Jason dreams of continuing the family heritage and making for his own “run for the goal triumph”. With his father being a football coach and his twin brother on the team, Jason is willing to give up anything just to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, his muscular dystrophy forced his dreams to step aside and has locked him in a wheelchair.

Fortunately, it was during the thrilling game of 2012, when all these things took a tremendous turn. Finally, his dad granted his wish and suited him up just in time to take part of the game. With just a few minutes left to spare, Jason was pushed by one of his teammates as they made the phenomenal run and made the ultimate touchdown. Teams from both sides congratulated him for a historic milestone. As a smiling Jason said, “It was very surprising.” Truly, this event is a new promising step to greater possibilities that will be held onto for a lifetime.

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