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Boss Does Not Want His Pregnant Employee to Work Double Jobs. So He Surprised Her With THIS!





It is very rare for people to find someone who could ease their problems and provide an instant jolt of hope in the midst of crises. But sadly, with each person facing their own difficult challenges, life is but battlefield that should be survived on our own. This is why we were so delighted to see that someone stepped up to help a pregnant woman in need.

Tami is a pregnant woman working as a store manager and a bartender so she could sustain her baby. She was surprised by Marcus Lemonis during a shoot for the show, The Profit. In the video, Marcus gave Tami a cheque equating to six months worth of her pay so she would not need to work two jobs anymore. Furthermore, Marcus appointed Tami for a higher job position when she comes back after her maternity leave. Talk about an amazing blessing! When she heard the news, she could not help but break down. It was such a heartwarming moment that could make anyone believe that good people still exist.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: CNBC Prime via The San Francisco Globe

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