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Pope Francis Expresses Worry About Amazon Fires

The pope is urging believers to pray for the rainforest because it is “vital for our planet.”

  • Pope Francis, world leader of the Catholic Church, has recently spoken about the Amazonian rainforest fires.
  • He encouraged followers of the faith to pray for the burning to stop.
  • Other Catholic leaders have also issued a statement, asking for immediate action to “save the lungs of the world.”

Pope Francis is joining the entire world in expressing concern over the recent Amazon fires. According to the head of the Catholic Church, he is “worried about the vast fires” and he is now asking for everyone’s prayers.

“Let us pray that with the commitment of all they will be brought under control quickly,” urged the Pope. “That forest lung is vital for our planet.”

Furthermore, the Latin American bishops’ council likewise encouraged swift action from the government and the international community to stop the problem, which, they say isn’t only a local concern but one that affects all countries.

A statement from the council reads:

“We urge the governments of the Amazonian countries, especially Brazil and Bolivia, the United Nations and the international community, to take serious measures to save the lungs of the world.”

According to experts, 20% of the oxygen in the world is produced by the Amazons. So the recent fire is really a big deal.

Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has openly accused non-governmental agencies, such as Land Pastoral and the Indigenous Missionary Council (both supported by Catholics), as the culprits responsible for the burning because of their unwillingness to cooperate with his calls to develop the rainforest. Both organizations have denied the president’s claims.

Bolsonaro has also made it clear that he will not accept the $20 million donation coming from G7, seven of the world’s richest countries, unless
President Emmanuel Macron of France apologizes for calling him a liar.

“To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, (Macron) has to withdraw (his insults) and from there we can talk,” said Bolsonaro.

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