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A Family Moved Away, Leaving this Poor Dog Behind. How She was Rescued Brought Me to Tears!





If my house is burning, the first thing that comes to mind would be saving my dog. That’s why I don’t understand how a family from California moved away from their house but left their dog behind.

Fortunately, there were concerned citizens who occasionally look for the dog. When the animal rescuers found out about it, they immediately went to the area where the dog resides. Eventually, the poor canine was rescued. She was stinky and infested with fleas. But with the help of the rescuers she was brought to the vet and was instantly treated.

The dog is now cheerful, energetic and quite very happy. But that is not the best part about the rescue. Watch the video and see how the rescuers help the dog gives back her life again.

Watch the Heartwarming Video:

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