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Poor Dad Can’t Afford a Trip to Disneyland So He Brought Disneyland Home for His Daughter





Fathers, what would you do if your child wants to go to Disneyland but you know you can’t afford it at the moment? Answer: you improvise, of course.

Take it from Victor Peoro, a father from Hellertown, Pennsylvania who recently attracted a lot of attention online because of a viral video.

In the said clip, the cool father and Autumn, his young daughter, can be seen in front of a large screen as he carries her in a plastic container and with a point-of-view video of a roller coaster ride. The reason? Well the poor dad can’t afford a trip to Disneyland at the moment. So he did the next best thing which is, of course, to bring the Disney experience to their home. This made the video as fun as it is heartwarming as it touched the hearts of many.

When the 2-minute footage went viral, numerous netizens praised the father for what he did.

Source: via YouTube

In fact, many labeled him as ‘Father of the Year’ material.

One guy commented:

“And the Father-of-the-Year award goes to….this guy! Can’t wait to do that with my daughter!”

Another netizen said:

“I had just as much fun watching this!! Trust me, she’s going to treasure this memory forever and realize what a cool-dad she has.”

Meanwhile, someone wrote:

“This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen!”

You can watch the video here:

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Naturally, it didn’t take long until people began suggesting that a crowdfunding campaign should be started so everyone can help fund their trip to Disney. So eventually, a GoFundMe page was created.

Well we can’t help but feel excited for this family. We’re hoping they’d make a video of their trip, too. We’d love to see young Autumn in her first real roller coaster ride!

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