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Police Officer Breastfeeds An Abandoned Baby Who Was Left To Die in the Forest

This heroic cop has been getting a lot of love and support from netizens.


After finding an abandoned baby in the forest, this police officer rushed to save her from starvation.

This recently happened in La Marina, Colombia.

Luisa Fernanda Urrea, a police officer, has been considered by netizens across the world after saving the life of an abandoned newborn.

The police found the infant in a remote forest settlement, crying and still with some parts of her umbilical cord. The baby girl was obviously starving and was at risk of hypothermia because of the exposure.

Police officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea found the starving baby, abandoned in a Colombian forest.


Fortunately, Urrea was a mother herself and so she breastfed the baby while they waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Urrea shared:

“I’m a new mother and I have milk, and I recognized the needs that this poor little creature had… I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.”

Later on, the medics commented that without Urrea’s help, the baby would’ve died.

You can watch the video here:

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Edinora Jimenez, 59 years old, reported to the police after finding the baby in the woods. She said:

“I was collecting some oranges when I heard something crying. I thought it was a cat until I looked closer and saw that it was a baby girl.”

The police officers immediately responded to the call and the infant was taken to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare where she is now being cared for until they find an adoptive home.

Paramedics quickly attended to the baby girl’s needs. She’s now doing fine but authorities want to find her mother.

breastfeeding cop 2

Source: CEN

The authorities, however, are searching for the baby’s mother who will possibly be charged for attempted murder.

Jhon Arley Murillo, director of the orphanage, said:

“We could be dealing with a case of attempted homicide, although it’s the prosecutor who will decide the charge.”


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