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Pilot Captures Stunning And Scary Photos Of The Sky Taken From His Cockpit

Wow! Now we know how it looks like up there.

You know what’s scarier than being caught in the middle of a thunderstorm? Well, being a pilot and seeing everything up close!

Fortunately, we no longer have to wonder how that looks like.

First officer Christiaan Van Heijst has shared a collection of photos he took from the cockpit and it shows us the sky during the best and worst of times.

Pilot and photographer Christiaan Van Heijst takes photos from the cockpit – and the results have been pretty astounding.


The 33-year-old pilot wrote:

“When viewing a big storm of Northern Lights or an active thunderstorm I feel very small and insignificant, compared to the raw energy, beauty and size that plays out in front of me.”

Van Heijst takes photos of everything from the Northern Lights to active understorms.



Van Heijst runs a photography business with Daan Krans, his friend, called the Amazing-Aviation. According to him, he started flying when he was 14 years old and he has always loved capturing photos from above.

“I feel very small and insignificant, compared to the raw energy, beauty and size that plays out in front of me.”




He said:

“Ever since I started my first job as a pilot, I felt the need to capture the atmosphere of the unique views that I had from the cockpit.

“I feel very privileged that I can somehow translate these views with my camera into something that can be shared, viewed and appreciated by anyone.”

“Ever since I started as a pilot, I felt the need to capture the atmosphere of the unique views that I had from the cockpit,” he said.



And the photographs speak for themselves. They can really be stunningly beautiful – and sometimes plainly terrifying.

The pilot simply described his work this way:

“I do my best and allow my viewers the sometimes jaw-dropping views that I share with them.”

He hopes that through his camera, he can capture and share the “jaw-dropping views” with his viewers.



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