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Young Couple Transforms 25-Year-Old School Bus Into Dream Home

…because why rent when you can live in a school bus for free?


A young couple from Georgia decided to start living off the beaten path by converting a 25-year-old school bus into a fully-functional dream home.

Folk band musicians, Andrew and Julie Puckett were dismayed when their landlord decided to raise the rent on their 1,000-square foot one bedroom apartment by a whooping 25 percent, so the couple decided to move out and move on to a converted 1990 Blue Bird bus which they now call home.

And they’re loving it!

1119 house bus 2

Photo credit: House Bus/Instagram

Andrew and Julie talked it out and decided they would stop bankrupting themselves each month just to make the rent, especially as they hadn’t bought any equity on the property.

At first they thought they could make do with purchasing one of those tiny houses so popular to live in these days, but after doing their research and looking around, they realized even a very small home was beyond their budget.

Julie had read about old school buses converted into fully live-able homes, and the couple decided a school bus conversion was right up their street for their semi-bohemian semi-hippie lifestyle.

After purchasing the 25-year-old school bus for $10,000, they began work to renovate it, which took a total of five months and another $1,000 to convert their new mobile home into a 250-square foot fully-functional dwelling.

The House Bus

1119 house bus 1

Photo credit: House Bus

Andrew and Julie’s respective families were taken aback at the drastic lifestyle choice they made, but they lost no time in supporting them to help turn their house bus into a cozy home, including lending a hand with the renovations, and assisting them with creating custom furniture that doubles as storage on the bus.

Plus a bedroom, a toilet, and a tiny shared closet…

1119 house bus 6

Photo credit: House Bus
…as well as a corrugated steel-lined shower

1119 house bus 5

Photo credit: House Bus
They even have room for their dog

1119 house bus 3

Photo credit:
…and a cat

1119 house bus 4

Photo credit: House Bus

Andrew and Julie have done away with rent, and other expenses associated with a landlocked dwelling. They continue to document their tiny living and downsizing experience on their blog, House Bus

…while enjoying their alternative home to the fullest.

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