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Photographer Captures Creepy Pictures Inside This Abandoned ‘Hoarder House’

Will you dare visit this place?

Creepy dolls, dirty walls, moldy floors, scattered things, these might what you have in mind when thinking of a haunted house. But, what if there is a real-life abandoned house resting in the state of Mississippi, USA, called Hoarding House? Will you dare to step inside and look around?

A photographer named Bullet, from Florida, bravely dares to visit the peculiar abode and traveled 13 hours to personally see what’s inside and take snaps of the eerie place.

Time Capsule House


There are spread out divorce papers, haunting photos, peeling paints, wrecked walls and much more that remain untouched for about 30 years.

The locals living near the scary residence called it Hoarder House as it was once a place for home and business.

However, it is not yet known why this house was abandoned by the family who owned it since the 1940s.

“It’s a pretty much a time capsule having been owned by a woman who rented out the rooms for $300 (£224) a month,” the 28-year-old photographer said.

“It’s hard to tell what happened, but you can piece together a story by the various documents throughout the home.”

Will you dare climb upstairs?


“There are letters dealing with divorce, her marriage, and letters to famous actors asking them to come live with her.”


“It looks like the owner just got up and left.”


Bullet is accustomed to visit abandoned places for seven years, but he confessed that the Hoarder House is far more different and gives him chills down the spine.


“I was scared at one point because the ceiling above us shifted around and I thought it was going to collapse on us.”


“It’s odd because you’re in what was someone’s home.”


“You’re seeing what their personal life was and you’re left to wonder what happened to have caused this.”


And of course, we also wonder why. Now, will you dare visit?



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