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Fancy Cats Wear The Cutest Hats Made From Their Own Shed Fur





You can’t deny how adorable cats are. They’re fluffy, smart and each one has its own unique personality. But when shedding time comes, owners find it too much to handle. Maybe not for cat owners, photographer Ryo Yamazaki and his wife Hiromi.

The couple owns three Scottish Fold cats, Nyaa, Mar and Mugi. While cat shedding is a nuisance for most owners, Ryo and Hiromi have found a stylish way to deal with the excess fur.

These adorable cats wear hats made from their own fur.

Ryo and Hiromi’s creative way of dealing with the shed fur have turned the cats into Instagram stars. They have created an account dedicated to their lovely furballs featuring photos of them donning their tiny fur hats.

With these wonderful creations, you can just say that’s a lot of fur! Instead of sweeping them up, the couple makes it a hobby to collect them and turn them into fashionable headpieces. No more problem with vacuuming and hairs all over the house!

And of course, the fur hats are as adorable as the wearer! They come in different styles and creative designs – witch’s hat, bunny ears, a crown and Trump’s toupe! Check out the photos below.


Called nukege hats in Japan (“nukege” for shedded fur), Ryo got this idea when he saw a lump of fur that had accumulated on the floor that had the shape of a hat. He took the lump and played with it – shaped it into a pointy hat and let one of his cats wear it.

Several years later, this has become a hobby that he shares with his wife. The Tama district-based couple works together to share the beautiful photos of their feline friends. Ryo is in charge of photography while Hiromi takes care of the hat designs.

For anyone who’s wondering about the amount of fur used to create the hats, the couple uses a bowl of fur to create each piece. Most of the time, though, they simply dismantle old headpieces and reuse them to make new ones. By spring and autumn, Ryo and Hiromi get busy collecting fur.


Can’t get enough of these cuties? Check out Ryo’s Instagram for more photos.

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