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Personal Trainer Reveals Six Things You Need To Quit To Get A Flat Stomach

“You CAN reach your goals!”

Nobelle Borines





Everybody wants to be healthy and look good in any outfit. But why is it so difficult to get a flat stomach? A personal trainer has revealed that most of us have been making mistakes that lead to bloating and a flabby tummy. Luckily, she has revealed six of the common errors that are stopping you from getting killer abs.

Rachael Attard is a personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia who has been helping her clients sculpt the perfect body. Needless to say, she’s a fitness expert who knows how to make your love handles disappear for good. Here are the six mistakes you have to stop making to get rid of belly fat.

1. Snacking Too Much

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating healthy meals regularly but going crazy with the snacks. Attard says that if you aren’t keeping track of your snacking habits, you’ll still have a hard time losing belly fat.

Attard suggests stopping yourself from grabbing a snack if you feel hungry and drinking a glass of water instead. Wait 15 minutes and if you’re still hungry, look for something healthy to munch on.

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Interestingly, Attard says one drink per day is acceptable. However, you’ll have trouble losing extra inches from your waist if you go for more than three glasses daily.

The personal trainer suggests enjoying a glass per day so you can keep your tummy under control. “Alcohol impacts your midsection more than the rest of your body,” Attard wrote in her blog.

3. Expecting Immediate Results

Just because you’re not seeing results right away doesn’t mean that your fitness regimen isn’t working. According to Attard, “weight loss and creating a lean body takes time and patience.”

Don’t give up on exercising just because your abs don’t show up after a few days. “Remember, Victoria Secret models train and watch their diets every single day, not just for a short period of time,” Attard wrote.

4. Expecting Cardio To Give You Killer Abs

Cardio is a great exercise that helps you lose weight. However, it isn’t the only fitness regimen that can guarantee a flat stomach.

Attard says that cardio should be paired up with resistance training and the all-important ab exercises. Heavy lifting and Crossfit can also help.

5. Not Having A Nutrition Plan

Exercise isn’t the only thing that’s going to help you shed excess weight. Attard stresses the importance of a proper nutrition plan so you don’t end up eating too much.

The personal trainer recommends planning your meals ahead so you don’t panic and grab the first edible thing you find in the kitchen.

6. Mistaking Bloat For Fat

You might notice that your belly gets a little bigger after every meal. Interestingly, it might not be fat but simply a little bloating.

Attard suggests drinking water and taking note of the food that causes bloating. You’ll be getting a flatter stomach in no time!

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