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Performance Artist Invites People To Touch Her Privates Inside Her Mirror Box “Art”





A woman was arrested for allowing her private parts to be touched by the public. Performance artist Milo Moire was traveling around Europe to promote her Mirror Box project, which invites the public to stick their hands inside a mirror box that leads to Moire’s breasts and genitals.

She had taken this routine to Amsterdam and Dusseldorf and she says it is a way to promote women’s rights not to be touched. However, this week, she took the same concept to London’s Trafalgar Square and ended up getting arrested.

For her routine, Moire stays in a public place in Dusseldorf wearing a mirror box to cover up her breasts; in London and Amsterdam, however, she wore this mirror box over her waist allowing people aged 18 and above to touch her genitals for 30 seconds. A passerby complained about the routine which then led to Moire’s arrest.

Performance artist Milo Moire allowed the public to touch her genitals for thirty seconds.


A video camera was installed inside the mirror box to record what she had been through with her art.


Her “expression of art” pays tribute to the 1968 piece titled Tap and Touch Cinema performed by Austrian artist Valie Export.

In London, she was arrested after a passerby complained about her routine.


Moire told Mirror Online that police had warned her first that she was breaking the law, before they arrested her and brought her to court.

She described that other countries are more accepting of her concept compared to London.

‘In Amsterdam it was very different – they are more free towards sexuality,’ she told the publication.

Moire appeared in court and pleaded guilty. She paid a fine of £750, was ordered to pay £85 costs plus a victim surcharge of £75.


Watch the video:

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This wasn’t the first time Moire got arrested for her art. In 2015, she got arrested for taking selfies with tourists in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower while naked.

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