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Perfectly Healthy People Became Disabled By Choice and Claim They’re Now Happier

A number of perfectly healthy people suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder have willingly rendered themselves disabled.

Faye Williams





We’re all thankful if we don’t have disabilities. It’s not because we discriminate against those who have these challenges. It’s because we know how difficult it is to deal with being disabled. However, there are some perfectly healthy people who think otherwise. Apparently, those with Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) think that they are supposed to be disabled.

First documented in 1977, BIID is defined as a rare psychological disorder in which perfectly healthy people feel that they are meant to be disabled. As such, the condition is also referred to as the “Amputee Identity Disorder.”

Those who suffer from BIID envy amputees.

In his article for UK-based news site Independent, Neil Levy explained:

“Sufferers have a mismatch between their physically healthy body and the body with which they identify.”

BIID remains rare so there isn’t a lot of research material on it. To date, doctors have not yet zeroed in on the cause of the disorder so for now,the only treatment available is therapy.

BIID sufferers confessed they prefer prosthetics than their own body parts.

Then again, there have been several cases wherein those afflicted with BIID have gone out of their way to become disabled on purpose. Here are some of them.

Chloe Jennings-White can walk but likes being in a wheelchair.


This American research scientist revealed that she has dreamed of being paralyzed since she was a child. She is thinking of going overseas to find a doctor who can permanently paralyze her. Meanwhile, Jennings-White uses leg braces and a wheelchair so she feels happier in her body. However, she added that she is constantly engaging in risky activities to increase her chances of becoming paralyzed.

George Boyer used a shotgun on his left leg.

Source: HNGN

Several years ago, Boyer shot himself just above his left knee. When he was taken to the hospital, he became agitated when doctors tried to restore his knee. He was adamant about it. As such, the doctors were eventually left with no other choice but to amputate his left leg. Boyer later expressed how happy he felt that he was finally an amputee.

Another man damaged his foot with dry ice.

Source: Foot Care MD

A male BIID sufferer based in the UK, who’s identified only as “Baz,” resorted to freezing his left leg in dry ice. He didn’t go to the doctor until he was sure that his leg was already irreversibly damaged. The surgeon who treated him had no other choice but to go for amputation. Baz revealed that he felt ecstatic when he realized his leg was gone. “All my torment had disappeared,” he told news website Slate.

Jewel Shuping poured drain cleaner into her eyes.

Shuping said she has also dreamed of being disabled for the longest time. Even when she had perfect eyesight, she envied blind people. So, a few years ago, she poured some drain cleaner into both of her eyes. She’s been blind since then. She later revealed that before she made the move, she already learned how to read Braille etchings.

Alex Mensaert underwent surgery to be an amputee.

Source: Blidardjel

Last but not least, this Belgium native somehow got a doctor to amputate both his legs and his right hand. He has even written a book about his experience titled Amputation on Request. It was only after he got his limbs amputated that Alex considered himself truly alive.

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