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60 People Who Were Once Ugly Ducklings Share Incredible Transformations

No doubt those who bullied them are now regretting it.

When you were a kid, probably one of the books you read was none other than The Ugly Duckling. Not only is it heartwarming and relatable, it also beautifully features the story of personal transformation for the greater good. That revolving around inner beauty is just as important as the outer beauty.

This idea eventually gave birth to a subreddit called “uglyduckling.” As the name suggests, it exists to prove that the infamous Ugly Duckling Syndrome is an intrinsic part of everyday life. There, people continue to share their before-and-after photos, showing the world the kind of transformation they have. Elite Readers has compiled some of these photos below. Scroll down and let us know which ones are your favorites!

#1. Managed to lose 50kg in just 18 months.

Source: TEDDYzander
#2. From 17 to 22.

Source: SkrtMcgrt
#3. Grew my hair a bit and controlled my eating habit.

Source: MavrckOcean
#4. Weight goal achieved in over a year!

Source: eckitis
#5. Was used to be called Ugly Betty. Not now, though.

#6. Four years in between.

Source: Khodg
#7. They used to bully me for coding, but now I am getting paid for it.

Source: CodeSamurai
#8. 12 years old me Vs. 22 years old me.

Source: Brithoward
#9. My friends always thought I disliked being a girl.

#10. What a massive transformation indeed.

Source: corgiboat1
#11. From 18 to 23.

Source: habaroa
#12. Wow. Just wow!

#13. What a difference 4 years can make, eh?

#14. Be careful who you bully. You will never know just how beautiful they can be.

Source: GingaNinja98
#15. Puberty at its finest.

#16. From nerd to bulk.

Source: Imgur
#17. When you finally get tired of the baggy jeans and shirt.

Source: resetgo
#18. From 12 to 22.

#19. What a HUGE change!

Source: MillerTime56
#20. You cannot really tell.

#21. From age 15 to 21.

#22. When you finally shed 125lbs.

#23. Who were you calling ugly?

#24. Guess no one’s calling me Bieber anymore.

Source: mgxsonny
#25. My weight loss program really paid off.

#26. That was me 4 years ago (17 to 21).

Source: jacobyflynn
#27. No wonder I hated myself before.

Source: 7fingersphil
#28. Well, he could have kept the hair.

Source: dazofsmeg
#29. All the boys who bullied her are definitely regretting now.

Source: SultrySloth
#30. A decade of change!

Source: cocoamilk
#31. The tattoos did the trick, though.

Source: foggsville
#32. Such beauty.

Source: lajoyaa
#33. Weight loss program and the brace helped me.

Source: cosmicchick
#34. A lot of things really happened in 3 years.

Source: misscomputed
#35. You just cannot believe this was her.

Source: Treklow
#36. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

#37. 10 years later.

Source: MrWesterberg
#38. 3rd grade and now.

Source: JimThorpe918
#39. Best friend goals!

Source: jo3ll3
#40. And her former bullies are now asking her out.

#41. From 15 to 24.

Source: carmel33
#42. Well, what do we have here?

Source: mathecatical
#43. Why it is time to consider having a diet plan.

#44. I don’t know about you but I look like a librarian back in the day.

#45. And now she looks like a celebrity!

#46. The 14 to 21 transformation.

Source: WaffleNida23
#47. My classmates thought I was a tomboy or something.

Source: alexisstar19
#48. Nothing special. I just cut my hair.

Source: Imgur
#49. See what weight loss can do.

Source: mangodroplet
#50. I am in love.

#51. You will find it hard to believe but these are the same person.

Source: finch_worm
#52. When you are done looking like a boy.

Source: pers3phone
#53. Puberty has been kind to her.

Source: sap27
#54. Asian beauty at its finest!

#55. Where you girls at?

Source: imgur
#56. Is she not hot?

#57. Daaayyyymmmm!

#58. Now that is a transformation.

Source: gypsylight
#59. From 20 to 29.

#60. You just could not tell it at first.

People really do undergo a huge transformation, so be careful when you bully someone. You never know, he/she will turn out to be a better version of himself/herself before.

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