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20 Impressive Recreations Of Childhood Photos





We all have a nostalgic feeling when we see our childhood photos and we can’t help but think about the fun moment when that snap was captured. Now that we’re older, we had become busier and busier that we just can’t do the things that we did when we were younger.

However, some people took the initiative to relive their childhood memories by recreating old photos. Here are 20 adorable times people recreated their childhood snaps.

1. Age is the only change here.

They still have the same haircuts after all these years.

2. Two sisters, one love — and a box.

3. 30-year difference.

Still the same stubborn girl, I guess.

4. “Then and now, 1999 vs 2018.”

5. Even after so many years, Halloween still bonds them.

6. Grandma is always ready to feed you.

Thank you for the extra weight, gran!

7. The sisterhood of the travelling bathtub.

8. When you’re just not a fan of school.

9. So many years later and still goofing around

Sisters will always be bonded by the silly things that they do.

10. The only thing that changed is the pumpkin.

11. It’s always exciting to get presents.

The fact that the youngest sister still has that same exact confused face is making me laugh so hard!

12. A ballerina and a Power Ranger.

13. Amazing tradition!

The son wrote:

“Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without our annual tradition of remaking this 1968 photo of Dad and me on his first motorcycle.”

14. Flexibility remains the same.

15. A younger brother is a little boy forever.

16. Still holding Dad’s hand after 32 years.

This is definitely one of the sweetest things I’ve seen today.

17. “Same costumes, different decade.”

18. Older, but still just as silly.

19. “Testing our mobility”

20. Swinging is timeless.

Who says playgrounds are just for kids? They are definitely available for kids at heart as well.

The best thing about memories is making them. So make a lot of amazing memories today!

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