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People are Cutting Out the Insides of Their Ears in a Strange New Trend You Dont Wanna Try





In this day and age, when everything changes in but an instant, people always have something new to try. Whenever the world is teetering into something unknown, then you can be pretty certain it’s probably a new trend catching on to stand out and survive, much like the very people who are trying them out.


Among the many trends that some people have been inclined to try, body modification is one of the most personal. These changes made to one’s body come in different forms – from the mildest tattoos to the more extreme piercings and skin implants. Devotees of such trends would say they are beautiful and emotionally uplifting, but to others, they look nothing more than painful procedures. Some medical experts even say that these body “mods” can be dangerous – and in some cases evident of mental problems.


In this brand new trend that is cropping out of Stockholm and making its way to the world via the Internet, people are having their ear conches — yep, it’s the inside of the ear all right — removed.


Chai Maibert, owner and body modification artist at the Calm Body Modification Studio in Stockholm shared on his social media accounts photos of an Australian man “who flew all the way to Stockholm” to get a ‘conch removal’ done.

Chai also posted that he thought this was a trend that will eventually catch on. In his post, he assured everyone that ‘the procedure doesn’t make them deaf and might only impair the ability to hear the direction of sound for the first week or two.

Chai’s post has generated mixed reactions, from awe and ridicule to blatant disagreement and rejection of his claim that this does not impair the hearing ability. Among the many reactions, an ear doctor and an audiologist’s comments were also noted.

They were saying that since the conch collects sounds that fall on our ear that travels through the ear canal to the eardrum and we are able to hear and therefore this removal of the conch is very likely to affect the hearing ability.


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