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People Are Praising This Teacher After Showing Compassion To A Sleeping Student





Being a teacher is hard. You are responsible for all the things that your students learn in class, so you spend a lot of time preparing for lesson plans.

Being a student is just as hard, or even harder at times. You have to balance school, jobs, friendships, and being a human being with thoughts and feelings. With that said, most students get tired, and their bodies couldn’t handle everything anymore, and they end up falling asleep in class.

In most cases, a teacher would wake up a student or markdown their grade. So, it was notable when professor Monte Syrie noticed his student Meg was sleeping in class and decided to let her rest up.

The High School English Teacher and Professor of Education wrote up a thread about his student who was struggling to stay awake. His reason for allowing her to sleep during his class has gone viral as it was a pure example of compassion.

Syrie described his student Meg as someone having “zero-hour math, farm-girl chores, state-qualifying 4X400 fatigue, adolescent angst, and various other things to deal with.” He shared that Meg fell asleep at her desk during his class and that she didn’t do her homework.

Obviously, the most basic thing to do is to wake her up, but Syrie allowed her to take a nap as he knew that she wouldn’t be falling asleep in his class if she had enough rest.

However, Syrie is not noting that this behavior is perfectly fine as he did say that Meg “didn’t use her time wisely in class.” However, he opted that he sees the bigger picture and that’s why he understands. But also, he is not encouraging students to make this their routine.

People online were thanking Syrie for being the kind of teacher the world definitely needs right now.

Sometimes in life, giving someone a break and showing them compassion and understanding will go a lot further than trying to make an example of them or teach them a lesson.

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