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Pediatrician Reveals Amazing Trick to Calm Crying Babies In Seconds





What can be more frustrating than a crying baby who just won’t stop? Any parent can attest their to their desperation when trying to get a wailing infant to cease screaming, short of shoving a boob or bottle into a howling mouth. Babies cry for many reasons, and when all else fails, it can mean sleepless nights for parents, as well as complaints from the neighbors.

They haven’t met Dr. Robert Hamilton yet, apparently. This 30-year veteran pediatrician from Santa Monica, California’s Pacific Ocean Pediatrics can get babies to stop crying in seconds!

Oh, hush-hush-hush before they call Social Service on us…
120215 baby 1
Um, no… it doesn’t involve strangling the poor little angels.
120215 baby 2

And his secret? The great doctor just gives them a little shake.


Wiggle it…just a little bit.
120215 baby 3

Dr. Hamilton’s baby shake method isn’t going to give an infant the dreaded “shaken baby syndrome,” however. The gentle doctor has a time-proven technique to get wailing infants – whether they be hungry, cold, in pain, or colicky – to become as calm as a summer breeze on a sweltering day.

Carefully lifting up the crying infant, Dr. Hamilton places his right hand underneath the baby’s butt, and with his left hand, gently folds the baby’s arms across the chest.

He then proceeds to wiggle the infant’s behind.

Dr. Hamilton shows parents how to give the baby his very first “twerking” lesson.
120215 baby 5

The secure hold on the baby immediately causes the crying to stop, and the gentle jiggling soothes the baby even further.

Dr. Hamilton, despite his creative and amazingly effective method, has a very commonplace name for his near-miraculous trick.

He calls it “The Hold.” Not that it has anything to do with professional wrestling.

In all the years parents have struggled, begged, pleaded, and cried for their babies to cease their wailing, a pediatrician had an answer to their dilemma all along.

Where were you when we needed you, Dr. Hamilton?

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