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Parents Are Sharing Their Hilarious Yet Effective DIY Hacks On Disciplining Children

Parents are now coming up with ingenious parenting hacks that are very effective at taking control over the kids.


Parenting is such a joyous milestone in an adult life but it also means the huge responsibility of molding a child to become a good person one day. It is then important to learn the art of disciplining children so that can differentiate what’s right from what’s wrong as early as childhood.

When disciplining a child is being talked about though, most parents think that spanking their children is the only way to make them realize their mistakes. It’s not like I’m saying that hitting a child is wrong as they sometimes have to learn the hard way, but do it with love and only do it for willful disobedience.

This Get Along Shirt has gained popularity over the years and many parents are using it to get fighting siblings making up.

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In the world today though, parents have grown creative in disciplining their kids. The term discipline isn’t already just about giving children consequences. Instead, it ensures that the youngsters are gaining the skills they need to become responsible adults in the future.

Parents have then come up with many different types of discipline and various approaches to parenting. Parents have to understand that kids just sometimes want to test limits to see how far their guardians can keep them safe. So, extend your patience on your kids. Remember, they weren’t born with wisdom already just like you when you were just little. You need to show them how to deal with the world and how to behave properly when they mingle with others.

This dad tricks his kids to playing video games when their controllers aren’t really plugged in.

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Mothers and fathers then from different parts of the world share bizarre but effective parenting hacks that actually kept peace and order, not just in their homes but everywhere they go. You might want to get inspirations too from these savvy parents who came up with some hilarious disciplining and controlling tricks.

A mom outsmarts her daughter in cleaning her litter by making sweeping some sort of a game.

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These parenting hacks can be seriously funny, but when you come to think of it, they actually work. These alternatives are so simple but the results will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of these tricks first.

Browse through more of the ingenious parenting techniques below.

Parents let this little boy help doing the fence by letting him paint – with a bucket of water!

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This mom stops her kids from eating her stock of sweets by placing them somewhere the children will definitely search in to.

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Dad uses his boxing gloves to keep his baby comfortable and tantrum-free as they pick groceries.

Source: reddit
Mom tries to make bath time interesting by using glow sticks to make the kids plunge into the tub.

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This dad wants to keep peace in his driving so he puts division between these trio to keep them from fighting that can be pretty distracting.

Source: twitter
Mom makes sure that her kids won’t dump dishes again into the sink by leaving a clear note to take the plates to the washer.

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Mom gets tired of picking floating toys around the tub so she uses a basket to keep the stuff in place and the baby happy.

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Dad leaves daughter red faced as he teaches her not wear shorts in public.

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