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Talented Man Transforms Himself Into Game Of Thrones Ladies Using Only Makeup!





Missing Game of Thrones? This man from the Philippines named Paolo Ballesteros transforms himself into the ladies of the epic George R.R. Martin drama series using only makeup.

Yes, you read it right, makeup! This TV host has an incredible talent to imitate the looks of our beloved Khaleesi or Daenerys Targaryen to the fan-favorite Arya Stark to the most hated Cersei Lannister.

Not only that, he also changed his look to be liked, Sansa, Brienne, Melisandre and Maergery.

Arya Stark


With the use of heavy contouring, different shades of foundation, lipstick, wigs, contact lenses and all, the 33-year-old actor can easily copy the famous star’s faces.

Hence, he can be dubbed as the Many-Faced God or the Faceless Man in the Free City of Bravos.

He just to be very very careful to be included in the world of George R.R. Martin, if you know what I mean.

Daenerys Targaryen


In fact, the Queen of Westeros herself, Lena Headey — who plays the role of Cersei Lannister — hailed Ballesteros’ undeniable makeup skills.

In Miss Headey’s own words, she called Ballesteros’ imitation of her “fantastic!”

Cersei Lannister


Ballesteros’ Instagram page now has 1.7 million followers and it seems pretty much of people know how he looks like.

But, it can be changed in a snap whenever he wears makeup.

Brienne of Tarth


This is not the first time that Ballesteros copies foreign faces. As a matter of fact, he was once noticed for copying the looks of Gigi Hadid, Dakota Johnson, Caitlyn Jenner and much more.

Melisandre or The Red Woman


He was even featured in a number of International magazines and foreign websites.

I wonder what would be Petyr Baelish’s comments here:

Sansa Stark


Or Tommen’s here:

Maergery Tyrell


Who else do you want to see? Check out Ballesteros’ page and you will be amazed and confused with his different looks.

This is him in real life with no makeup.

Paolo Ballesteros


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