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She Only Wanted One Thing for Christmas: To Spend Time With Her Best Friend





Once or perhaps a couple of times in our lives we came to the point of wishing that we could turn back time. Turn it back to those moments that we are not as busy as we are now, or that we still have time to spend for our loved ones. Growing up and going through life surely demands most of our time and attention that we may forget or neglect important people and events. However is it really that we just don’t have the time, or we fail to make time for them?

While we don’t hold it against our loved ones or our friends if they have to turn down our invitations for the nth time, or they forget the date again; sometimes there is that little part of us that wish things didn’t have to change. Because sometimes those Facebook greetings we send to compensate, do not amount to our actual presence. Such is the story in this 3-minute short film of nostalgia and friendship.

Grab some tissues, for this one may turn on the waterworks!

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The featured short film is entitled Once Upon a Christmas and is produced by Singapore-based independent producer Butterworks. According to one of the producers and actress in the film Ms. Rachel Kelly, they came up with the movie because,

“This Christmas, we found out that lots of people in our [generation] are not really celebrating Christmas together like [in] the good old days. Hence we made a short film to remind people that it’s not about having time, it’s about making time.”

Unlike other films that are shot scene by scene, the whole 3 minutes of Once Upon a Christmas was shot in one go. This requires no room for errors since it is only one take. Not only is that impressive by itself but the message of this film is quite relevant in our times too.

As young adults we may be busy being go-getters to reach our dreams, or to earn money for our family. But in return, we may forget to give what is truly important to the people we love, OUR TIME. Time has no price tags, it is not expensive, but it can be the most difficult present to give. So this Holiday season, try to give the best gift of all, time 🙂

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