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Unlucky Old Man Gets Knocked Out By Flying Tire

Watch how a concerned bystander rushed to check if the tire was hurt.


The chances of a person getting hit by a flying tire coming out from nowhere are so slim. That probably makes 50-year-old Roberto Carlos Fernandes an unlucky man one fine day in Brazil. While he was walking with a woman, who was later identified as her daughter, a tire came out of nowhere rolling toward his direction and hit him on the back of his head.

He was knocked out cold and dropped on the street with his face down. People who saw the freak accident scrambled and rushed to his side to get help. An emergency response team arrived at the scene in 10 minutes and the man was then able to sit up, reported. He was then taken to Hospital Marcio Cunha, Ipatinga to receive treatment.

This man was walking with his daughter one day in the street…

Suddenly, a runaway tire came flying and knocked him out cold.

A concerned bystander rushed to check if the tire was hurt.

Ten minutes later, an emergency response team arrived at the scene.

As stated in Diario Doaco, the tire was from a vehicle taking the nearby BR381 route.

According to Fernandes’ daughter, Caroline, the freak accident was such a sudden scare for her.

“We were coming home when I heard a horn and looked, but I did not see anything. Suddenly, the horn became louder and, when I noticed it, the wheel was already on top of my father.”

Watch the video here:

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The good thing is that Fernandes is now in stable condition. Caroline was also lucky she wasn’t hit. Although Fernandes may have been the one who got knocked out and fell on the concrete face first, he would still be considered lucky to be alive.

It seemed as if the tire was aiming for him when you see the video. Fernandes may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Female Cyclist Gets Revenge at Disgusting Van Driver Who Catcalled Her

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Such distasteful catcalling was experienced by a female bicycle rider on a busy street in London. She was riding her bike but came to a halt on the bicycle lane beside a van when the traffic light turned red. Then, the driver of the van suddenly taunted the woman. She brushed him off to show that she is not interested in talking but the guy ignored her blatant refusal.

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