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Bored Office Staff Build Giant Cardboard Castle at Work

Here’s a creative way to pep up your work day…complete with drawbridge!


Going back to work after the Christmas holidays is a downer for anyone with a 9-to-5 job.

How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed in the freezing cold and slog your way back to the office to begin the day-to-day drudgery over and over again?

For these creatives, however, firing up their enthusiasm just takes a bit of grunt work and a whole lot of imagination.

When their boss asked the office to think of ways to decorate their respective workspaces to beat the “January blues,” these guys built a gigantic fort out of cardboard…

…complete with a drawbridge to keep toxic co-workers out!

012716 Topics castle 1

Its true, being a grown-up can suck. You have to earn your paycheck instead of mooching off the parents. But if you’re a child at heart who has never outgrown “Dungeons and Dragons” or tales of knights and castles, you may want to brighten up your day by constructing our yown life-size fortress out of any recyclable material lying around.

Like these dudes at the UK-based Office Depot subsidiary, Viking did.

Their majestic citadel was constructed out of pieces of leftover cardboard lying around the office.

And the fun begins…

012716 Topics castle 2

The enthusiastic building team spent nine hours from closing time up to the next day to cut out 480 “bricks” from 500 pieces of cardboard, using 80 glue gun sticks to attach the pieces together.

Not content, they cobbled together swords and shields, helmets and lutes, and any other props they thought a medieval castle needed.

Master Blacksmith at work.

012716 Topics castle 3

They even crowned their own king.

012716 Topics castle 4

Without telling any of their co-workers, they built the fortress up over their shared workspace overnight, and then filmed the various reactions when people started arriving.

Castle denizens at work.

012716 Topics castle 5

Here’s how it went down:

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Unfortunately, management took a dim view of their massively creative DIY endeavor, and issued a directive to take down the citadel.

The infidels!

012716 Topics castle 6

It is still not known whether the castle-dwellers surrendered the keep, or took to (cardboard) arms to defend their fortress.

Drawbridge up, of course.

012716 Topics castle 7

What do you do at work to keep your spirits up?

H/T: Buzzfeed

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