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This Drone Video of Oahu’s North Shore Will Surely Make You Book a Ticket to Hawaii Now!





Have you ever dreamed of becoming a tourist in Hawaii – imploring the beauty of the beaches, basking in the sun, and partying all night long? Well, we don’t blame you for having that aspiration especially when we saw this drone video.

Camera genius Eric Sterman captured the majestic Oahu’s North Shore though a drone carrying a 4K Ultra HD camera. In the video, you will see the ocean waves in action, the sunset, the pristine shores, and whole lot more – all in bird’s eye view. It certainly is breathtaking and we wanted to share with you this video to make you feel good and appreciate nature more. We won’t be surprised if you immediately book a ticket to Hawaii after watching this.

Watch the amazing video here:

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Credits: Surfline

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