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Nurses Teach Themselves To Sew Sleeping Mats Out Of Surgical Wraps For Homeless People




  • Operating room nurses and staff members at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital in Fenton are giving back to their community in a unique way.
  • Hospital workers all over the US recently began sewing sleeping mats for homeless people.
  • St. Clare used to throw away thousands of blue wraps which ended up in landfills, but not anymore.
  • Most of these nurses say they had no clue how to even thread a needle before getting involved.

Nurses and staff have dedicated their time and energy in helping people in the hospital. Now, they have decided to broaden up their area and helped the people out on the streets as well.

Each month, hospital workers from different areas gather to sew sleeping mats for the homeless people. These mats are made to help the poor who have no choice but to sleep on the ground.

More nurses are helping out homeless people using their creativity, some basic sewing skills, and a passion to save waste and do good. The team doesn’t buy material from a fabric store. They make the mats out of blue wraps that surgeons use during operations.

Team leader Jared Faurot said:

“The wraps are collected before the patient enters the room or before the procedure even occurs, so they are completely clean the whole time.”

Just like the St. Clare Hospital in Fenton, Missouri, other hospitals throw out a lot of surgical wraps every single day. But after turning them into sleeping mats, they didn’t only help the homeless people, but the environment as well. The material, which is not bio-degradable, is now being recycled for a good cause.

What made this story even more interesting is the fact that not all these nurses knew how to sew. Busy schedules aside, these heroic nurses still found time to learn how to sew.

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