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3 Fashionistas Visit Clothing Factories In Cambodia – They Make Disturbing Discoveries





In this modern world, it’s so easy to fall prey to the mesmerizing kingdom of clothing brands and fashion trends. How most people spend so much for a couple of signature cardigans, trousers, dresses and whatnot is really no surprise at all.

Meanwhile, after swiping our credit cards and shopping nonstop, do we ever think about the people behind every item we bought, the hands who made them or even the cost of their labor? What if we come face to face with reality? Will it be comforting?

A Norwegian reality show called “Sweatshop” sent three young fashion aficionados to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to experience the lives of the city’s textile factory workers.

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Despite working for longer hours in weeks, their guide and host Sokty earns only about $130 each month which is five times the money fashion blogger Anikken spends for her clothes alone in a month, as revealed in one of the episodes of the show.

“I can’t take it anymore. What kind of life is this?” she said while crying.

Watch the video and learn:

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This is certainly a wake up call. We should not be impulsive in making unnecessary choices like being a spendthrift or spending for expensive goods that are not really important. You can watch the rest of the series with English subtitles on the After Posten website. It will definitely give you a whole new perspective about the fashion industry.

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