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Nine Priceless Things That Won’t Cost You An Arm and a Leg





Society often values the most surprising things. Things that don’t often last. Things like money, power, and position; homes and properties; jewelry and other material luxuries. These items are fleeting, and never last.

The funny thing is, they are often valued over people, quality time, and great experiences – memories that last forever.

Here are 9 comparisons to what people often value. You’d be surprised which ones hit home the hardest:

#1. Would you prefer to sleep in a five-star hotel?

Or under a five-billion-star sky?

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#2. Consider your favorite pastime…

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And compare it to this infinitely more important one.

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#3. You’d love for your team to win.

But can it compare to winning a fight with death?

#4. Everyone would love to receive expensive gifts.

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But nothing compares to the gift of laughter.

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#5. We all have our important meetings

However, they will never eclipse the best conferences in life.

#6. Are you a big fan of superheroes like this guy?

Look closer to home for people who put them to shame in real life.

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