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“Don’t Let People Kiss Your Baby”, Devastated Mom Warns After Newborn Died From Herpes

Don’t let anyone kiss your newborn.


Kisses are sweet but for newborns, they could be fatal. A newborn has died from a case of meningitis caused by a kiss from a visitor in her parents’ wedding day.

A 3-week-old baby girl died after contracting viral meningitis and now her parents are warning others to never let anyone kiss their babies. Mariana Reese Sifrit was born just in time for her parents’ wedding day.

Baby Mariana just lived for 18 days.

A couple of hours later, they brought her to the hospital due to an illness. She had herpes simplex virus and her parents believe that during their wedding day, a friend or relative who have the HSV1 virus had touched or kissed their baby.

The HSV-1 virus is likely transmitted by the kiss of someone with a cold sore. For adults, this illness may just be petty and easy to treat but for newborns, with underdeveloped immune systems, this virus is deadly.

She was born healthy but her health suddenly deteriorated after her parents' wedding.

Mariana was born healthy only to be brought back to the hospital because of an infection. Her liver is failing, she had internal bleeding and her blood wouldn’t clot, CBS News reported.

Nicole, Mariana’s mother, told Today:

“I never really thought this could happen to us. We hope to bring awareness to other parents of newborns to be cautious on who visits your baby, who holds or touches them, and don’t let others kiss your baby.”

She was confined in the intensive care unit.

Mariana could have been infected by anyone that’s why it’s important to make sure your newborn is kept isolated in the first few days of life. Their immune systems are still weak and they can’t fight even simple microorganisms. The best thing to do is to always keep an eye on your baby and make sure everyone who touches him or her would use disinfectants like alcohol first. Moreover, never let anyone kiss your baby on the lips.

A GoFundme page has been originally set up for the baby’s treatment but now, it’ll be used for her unexpected medical costs and funeral expenses.


Saudi Police Arrest Woman Who Wore “Indecent” Miniskirt in Viral Video

A woman has been arrested by the Saudi police for wearing mini skirt and crop top in a video that has gone viral.

The woman who starred in a video that went viral in social media platforms has recently been arrested for something she probably could not believe is a crime. Her offense? Wearing a daring terno in Saudi Arabia!

You might be thinking that most people in the world are already aware of Saudi Arabia’s strict compliance to its Islamic dress code. However, this woman obviously don’t. A video of a lady walking through the conservative village of Riyadh has spread like a wildfire since it was uploaded online as she dared to break the stigma and wore a mini skirt and a black crop top that revealed a huge fraction of her body skin!

The video already sparked a huge backlash on Twitter and Snapchat while being accused of disrespecting the conservative country’s tradition and religion.

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Surgeon Finds 27 Missing Contact Lenses Inside Woman’s Eye

She never wondered where all her missing contact lenses went.

For those who are wearing contact lenses, it's very easy to misplace them and sometimes, you might wonder where you' dropped it and how did it get lost. A 67-year-old woman got the shock of her life when a surgeon found all her 27 missing contact lenses jumbled together inside her eye.

The woman was about to undergo cataract surgery when her ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria discovered a bluish mass inside her eye. Much to the surgical team's surprise, they found a clump of 17 contact lenses and as the surgery went on, they found an additional 10 contact lenses inside the woman's eye.

How did all those contact lenses get stuck inside her eyes without her noticing?

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Woman Knocks Over $200,000 Worth Of Artwork While Taking a Selfie

A woman attending an art exhibition accidentally toppled down a lane of crown installations. The damages reached a whopping $200,000!

A woman attending the “Hypercaine” installation at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, California accidentally knocked over a row of Simon Birch luxurious artwork. A whole lane of crown installations went down like a domino and the young lady would’ve probably passed out after learning how much she destroyed just for wanting to take a selfie!

A security footage of the incident was released recently. On the ten second mark, a woman at the upper right was trying to crouch down, probably to make it look like she’s wearing one of the crowns in her selfie. While she was posing to take an Instagram-worthy snap, she lost her balance and everything just went wrong.

Crown sculptures were displayed at The 14th Factory for the Hypercaine.

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