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This Greeting Card About Girls Making Sandwiches For Boys Just Triggered Netizens





There are very few things that can annoy women more than when they are told by a guy, “make me a sandwich!” It’s definitely a widely-hated stereotype among females.

So you can just imagine the disgust of Natasha Hodgson, an actor, writer, and singer based in the United Kingdom, when she spotted a pair of greeting cards that’s seemingly celebrating such an old, unacceptable cliche.

These cards are supposed to be romantic – but it triggered negative feedback from netizens instead.

The pink card’s cover read “You’re the kind of girl I’d buy flowers for” while the blue one said “You’re the kind of boy I’d make a sandwich for.”

Natasha took a picture of the cards and posted it on Twitter, captioning it this way:

“Ahh yes the two sides of heterosexuality, commerce and toil.”

Of course, it did not take long before netizens began reacting to the post.

As the tweet went viral, some wondered what year it is while there are also others who were quick to point out that both genders can actually enjoy flowers and sandwiches. There’s totally no need to typecast anyone!

@TheWatcherIsBae wrote:

“Did someone from the 50s drop their cards through a portal to the modern day or something, WTF”

@Symbosimbo said:

“Wow. Is it still 1955?”

@anotherwriter75 also commented:

“Gosh! When are we going to evolve?!”

Many likewise pointed out that gender stereotyping actually starts when children are very young.

“They start them early,” @PigTownTheatre commented.
“Almost as bad as this,” added @jessfox 12.

Of course, some would readily argue that stereotyping goes beyond greeting cards, baby items, and magazines. Different genders experience discrimination in varying degrees and we just hope that as the years pass by, people would grow up and stop it.

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