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Katana-Wielding Robot Battles a Human Samurai Sword Master.





Slicing and cutting is an art. Whilst it looks like an ordinary daily task as it is being performed in the kitchen or at work everyday, there is actually a sword cutting craft that involves artistic and high-speed skills. In the video we found, two contenders fight for sword cutting greatness. Let’s meet them.

The main man is Machii Isao, a professional swordsman who holds a five-time Guinness World Record in the field of Iaido sword cutting. Included in his records is the fastest 1,000 Iaido sword cuts made, which he performed in 36 minutes and four seconds.

His challenger? MOTOMAN-MH24 – a robot that has superb precision skills and swift movement. It can carry up to 24 kilograms and is said to have the “best-in-class speed of operation performance.” It has been improved time and again and to prove that, its inventors subjected it to a fast-paced slicing/ cutting challenge. It is part of a Japanese project called the Yaskawa Bushido Project.

Watch the epic video:

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Robotics has become an increasingly popular field of science. With advanced technologies and equipment being invented year after year, it has become possible for scientists to create powerful robots that can mimic humans. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: Yaskawa e-mechanical site ( 【安川電機】e-メカサイト)

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