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Woman Hugs Her Drowned Baby As Muslims Attempt To Flee From ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Myanmar

This broke my heart.


A mother is grieving the death of her baby after the boat they were aboard capsized as they tried to flee violence-stricken Myanmar. They were just a few meters away from the shoreline of Bangladesh.

A crying Rohingya mother cradled her five-week-old son who died amidst their struggle to leave their country. These Muslim refugees are fighting for their lives just to reach Bangladesh and escape Myanmar, where they are considered one of the most persecuted people in the world.

Hamida, her husband, and their two babies were among the 18 refugees on a small boat on their way to the village of Shah Porir Dwip, Bangladesh.

When they crossed the Bay of Bengal, the boat turned upside down and they were hurled into the murky water.


Mohammad Ponir Hossain, a photographer, noticed the commotion in the seashore and has heard that the boat has turned over.

He told Reuters:

“I rushed to the spot and found people crying over the dead body of a child.”

He took photos of the commotion and snapped a picture of Hamida, cradling her dead baby, Abdul Masood.

Hamida is with her husband and two sons when they tried to escape the violence-stricken Myanmar.

The mourning father took the baby away from the crowd.

An estimated 400,000 Rohingya have arrived in the country over the last three weeks and more people are coming either by land or sea. Thousands of people have become desperate to leave their country, even though they’re risking their lives.

The heartbreaking photos show the struggle and fate the immigrants who hope to escape Myanmar and live a safe and peaceful life in Bangladesh.

The refugees are now living in pitiable conditions.

Source: Reuters
Their living conditions worsened because of the strong monsoon rains, which led to the flooding of their shelters.

Source: Reuters
They’re starving and cold.

Source: Reuters
They are desperate for food and shelter.

Source: Reuters



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Woman Horrified To Find Patch Covering Her Yard Is Actually a Massive SPIDER Invasion

“This is the thing nightmares are made of.”

Whether you are afraid of spiders or not, we do not doubt you will instantly freak out when you find something like this in your backyard. Apparently, one family from Harvey Bay, Queensland in Australia discovered a massive colony of spiders taking over their backyard.

According to reports, Denise and Sean Torkington initially thought they saw a patch of dew under their kids' trampoline. Much to their shock and surprise, they realized it was a huge cobweb instead.

No, its not dew!

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Angry Muslims Confront Cops For Entering Mosque Without Removing Their Shoes

As you can imagine, the police officers were met by great outrage.

The mosque is considered a sacred place of worship by Islam followers. For this reason, wearing shoes is strictly prohibited in the prayer halls to keep the place literally and figuratively clean. Those who enter there have to take their shoes off as a sign of respect.

This is exactly why a controversial video recently went viral on social media. The footage, taken using a cellphone camera, shows a group of police officers in Buckinghamshire, Southeast England entering a mosque with their shoes on.

As you can imagine, the cops were met by great outrage.

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Man Plucks His Pubic Hair In Subway Then Sprinkle It On A Sleeping Girl’s Head

This is just unacceptable and disgusting.

For those who had a long day at work or in school, the public subway becomes the perfect place to sit down and rest. Some even fall asleep there. In this place, however, people can also witness the weirdest acts from others who are either bored or would love to bully others.

A viral video shows an old man apparently pulling out his pubic hair and dropping them on the head of a sleeping woman in the subway. The footage was captured by a passenger who saw the incident.

The disturbing act earned the irk of the netizens, saying it is just wrong and gross.

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