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Most Dangerous Travel Destinations in the World Revealed





One of a traveler’s worst nightmares would be to get caught up in a conflict or be a victim of violence in a foreign country. Thus, as a safety precaution, it would be wise to check the security status of a country or a tourist destination that one would visit. Thanks to the internet, we could research about a place in advance. So before planning a trip to another country, make sure you arm yourself with information.

Fortunately, some non-government organizations took the liberty in surveying the entire world for you even before you take a step in that country. All you need to do is to find your destination on the map.

International SOS and Control Risks released a map rating danger risk of every country in the world. Danger could either be due to distress in government, terrorism and even petty crimes. The map is color-coded to help travelers easily identify the travel risk of every country.

Travel Risk Map according to International SOS.

Countries colored in green are categorized as having insignificant risks which means crime rates are very low. Furthermore, security and emergency services are effective. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, and Slovenia all got this rating.

As many would expect, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Timbuktu in Mali are surveyed to be the most dangerous countries in the world. This is due to terror attacks and political instability of the said countries. Most embassies issue travel bans against these destinations.

Surprisingly, Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan and Egypt which are a few tourist favorites had been considered high risk destinations due to persistent crime and incidental risks to travelers.

Color Code Meaning

Aside from violence, another thing that tourists need to consider is the health risks. With the threat of Zika Virus, travelers should avoid destinations with outbreaks.

72% of people, mostly from Europe and North America, believe that travel risks have increased over the past year while 57% believe that the risk would further increase in 2017.

Infographic 2017 Risk and Reality

There are real risks out there but it should not stop us from traveling and having the time of our lives. It pays to be prepared and informed, though. After all, it’s always safety first.

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