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34 of The Most Absurd Clothes That People Can Actually Buy





Fashion designers can be quite artistic and weird at the same time. In fact, when it comes to designer goods, some make sense, while others are just so ridiculous, who would ever buy them?

So here’s a list of the most absurd and ridiculous clothes that are actually being sold on the market. These aren’t your standard his or her items – they’re actually really creepy and strange.

#1 Meet the chest hair swimsuit.

#2 You’ll not feel cold ever again with this Hug Me Jacket.

Source: Si Chan
#3 Here’s when you’re extra clingy to your boyfriend or girlfriend – couple pajamas!

Source: funny-potato
#4 Want to try pants-to-shorts detachable denim cutoffs?

#5 From the same makers of the chest hair swimsuit, introducing – Political Tees and Sweatshirts!

#6 See-through pants by TopShop, at least it’s waterproof!

Source: Bored Panda
#7 The new boot sandals, well at least you got an alternative footwear during hot summer days!

#8 Will you wear these colorful lace outfits for men?

#9 Puma Fenti by Rihanna – now, that’s a weird-looking sports apparel.

Source: Bored Panda
#10 So, they just cut out the shoulder part of the jacket and sell it again!

Source: Bored Panda
#11 Perfect for the summer – cut out shirt!

Source: Bored Panda
#12 Okay, good luck walking on that.

Source: milanoo
#13 Say hello to the detachable jeans!

Source: Bored Panda
#14 Can you believe this PVC corset is worth $280?

#15 So, this see-through tulle outfit costs about $1,230!

#16 The Mud Jacket (Can you believe this has been sold out?)

Source: nordstorm
#17 The food belovesies, so yummy!

#18 Meet the “Pickled” Sweatshirt

#19 I smell something fishy!

#20 Veggie flipflops, are they healthy too?

#21 Now, this is weird – Sleeveless Rubber Vest Top Black.

Source: Bored Panda
#22 This defeats the purpose of having a jacket. LOL

Source: Bored Panda
#23 Oversized Jumpsuit – she looks like a child who tried her mom’s clothes on!

Source: universe
#24 Look, no hands!

#25 I dare you wear these swimsuits on the beach!

#26 Hotdog socks, anyone?

Source: eternally
#27 This is weird!

Source: eternally
#28 I don’t think she likes cats at all…

Source: eternal
#29 Pizza is life!

#30 Cute or no?

Source: eter
#31 The doughnut top, it looks yummy!

Source: eternall
#32 The Barbie Top – is this for men?

#33 This is unflattering…

#34 Now that’s one way to show support!

Are you going to buy and wear these clothes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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