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Monkey Mom Risks Life to Save Her Baby Hit By Scooter And About to Become Dog’s Meal

The love of a mother knows no bounds. No matter if its human or animal.


Mothers will do anything just to make sure their little ones are safe. Even mothers in the animal kingdom can display the motherly selfless love to care for their young. In New Delhi, India, one monkey may have just won a Brave Mom award.

A baby monkey got itself in danger after getting hit by a moped. Still, the little one is fortunate since its mom is just around and ready to save him. But it turns out, the motorcycle incident was not the end of the danger for the baby monkey.

It was one busy day for this monkey mother whose baby got hit by a moped.

The poor little one was dazed after the accident but its mother was around to take care of things. But after the monkey mother saved her baby from being run over by oncoming vehicles, a dog was lurking nearby, ready to snatch the helpless animal away.

But momma has once again come to the rescue.

The mother monkey even jumped on the dog, grappling with it and finally biting its back, driving it away from her little one.

The brave mother did all she could just so the dog would leave her baby alone.

And her effort didn’t go in vain – it was a victory for the monkeys!

The dog may have realized that he’s not winning because he canceled his plan of making the baby its meal. The mother, on the other hand, went to tend to his injured little one. Onlookers were amazed to see the animals in action. These photos, obtained by DailyMail, were taken by a photographer who happened to be in the area. It remains to be seen what happened to the baby monkey.

The photos may be heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, seeing a mother monkey risk her life just to get her baby back to safety. But this is a clear example of the effects of wild creatures, losing their homes to urban development.

These monkeys are commonly found in the streets of India, scavenging for food. As some of them wander around the streets with heavy traffic, the risk of getting hit or run over by a vehicle is always there.


Curious Cat Who Loves Going To School, Graduates With The Other Students

This cat has his own ID, goes to school everyday, and has eventually graduated!

Education is pretty essential to the growth and development of a child. Many also say it is the main ingredient for a successful future. We surely know about this fact but surprisingly, a ginger cat also believes in the promise of good education.

This adorable feline is nothing like other ordinary cats. Unlike many fur balls who would delight on tunas or fluffy toys, this pet adopted by the Marienthals found school to be most interesting.

A curious cat attended classes at a high school and students worked to give him his own ID card.

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35 Photos from 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year You Don’t Want to Miss

Not only will you appreciate the art of photography, but also the beauty of these creatures.

Birds are among the creatures in the animal kingdom that has the ability to fly and soar up high. Interestingly, they’re also the most secretive and mysterious in all of species. Hence researchers find it a struggle to study them further. Still, they’re a living beauty in this world.

To promote these living beings, the British Trust for Ornithology is giving photographers a chance to be appreciated with their works. These are people who, in one way or another, have mastered the art of photography. The gist is to capture the most stunning yet gentle beauty of birds.

The competition is called Bird Photographer of the Year, which started back in 2015. Since then, it has received various entries from contestants around the world. It can’t be denied that this is one of the most celebrated competitions in the planet. And judging by the way it looks, its relevance in the industry will continue to bloom in the many years to come.

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Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly, Gets Fancy New Job

And he’s been doing pawsome work!

Dogs are not just man's best friend, they also make great partners in police work. Now, no matter how much we love them, not all our canine friends are fit to become police dogs. Just take Gavel, a German Shepherd from Queensland, Australia, for example.

Dear Gavel was unfortunately let go from his police dog training when he was ruled, well, too friendly. The pooch was just too sociable and nice to scare away the bad guys.

The staff at the official residence of the Queensland governor, where Gavel was training, thought the dog had a better future performing a different job.

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