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Mom’s Hilarious Selfie With Her Husband Fainting in the Delivery Room Goes Viral




  • An unnamed mom was all smiles in a delivery room selfie while doctors attended to her husband – who fainted on the floor.
  • 5% of the men actually fainted during their wives’ labor, surveys claim.
  • Not surprisingly, there are husbands, such as Gordon Ramsay, who opt not to be present during childbirth.

Anyone who insists that men are the stronger sex should be placed in the delivery room and watch a woman give birth. Let him see a woman try to push something the size of a watermelon out of an opening about four times smaller and…you get the idea.

This man must have been too overwhelmed by his wife’s sheer strength he dropped right there on the hospital floor, unconscious, and had to be attended by the medical staff!

A yet unnamed woman managed to take a selfie of the funny scenario, in which she was smiling at the camera and her unconscious hubby was in the background, hovered over by doctors.

She has just popped out their child when the poor fellow just collapsed on the floor. Perhaps he couldn’t handle the ordeal that his wife went through.

Of course, there would always be people who will think that the whole thing was staged, but other women came forward to tell their own stories about their partners who were unable to handle the scenes in the delivery room. Their men suddenly felt dizzy or had to leave the room.

A lot of people can relate to the father’s situation.

According to a survey from Nelsons Arnicare, 5% of the men they surveyed actually fainted during their wives’ labor. Interestingly, 16% of the women on the survey did not want their husbands in the delivery room and wished for a friend or family member instead.

Even more curious is that there are fathers who would rather stay out for various reasons. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opted to do so because he did not want his sex life to suffer.

He eventually decided to be present during his fifth child’s birth. He also fainted!

Football player John Barnes’s baby was born during half-time and he was on the match and not by his wife’s side.

Mark Woods, author of the book Pregnancy For Men: 101 Tips said that men who want to be present during childbirth should consider writing a birth plan with their wives.

“Your first experience of childbirth will never leave you. Shocking or sentimental, traumatic or transformational – the memories of the moment you became a father and what your partner went through to make that happen will live as long as you do,”

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